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Understanding Epoxy Flooring Vs Wood Floors

Understanding Epoxy Flooring Vs Wood Floors

Being able to choose the right flooring solution can be tricky. It will ultimately come down to several factors that you will want to consider throughout the process. If you are looking to choose between Epoxy and wood floors, you are going to want to know the differences between the two.


Difference Between Them:

1. Appearance.

Perhaps the most significant difference that you are going to notice when you are comparing the two would be the appearance of the floors. This is a significant difference because epoxy flooring have a very bright finish to them. Because of this, they offer a very good finish for office spaces. Not only are they bright in appearance, but they are also very smooth which makes them very easy to clean.

2. Durability.

Another major advantage that you are going to get with epoxy floors would be the durability. Wood floors might be durable, but they are not going to be nearly as resistant to the things that you would be able to get from epoxy floors. Epoxy floors are actually resistance to pretty much anything that you could think of including oil, cleaners, bleach, gas, and more. Whereas, with wood, you are going to have to be much more attentive when using products on the floor or when you spill something on it.

3. Affordability.

Another major difference is cost. Epoxy floors are going to be much more affordable on a per square foot basis. Because it is going to be able to be easily installed on top of existing flooring options, it means that the installation is greatly reduced. Whereas, wood is going to need to be installed alone which can ramp up the installation costs associated with it. Because of this, you are going to be able to get a great cost advantage when it comes to choosing epoxy.

4. Slippery.

The biggest issue that comes with installing epoxy floors is the fact that the material can end up getting extremely slippery. This means that you are going to have to be very careful when it comes to cleaning it and maintaining it because any products you use on top of the flooring itself is only going to make the material even more slippery and difficult to walk on.

Overall, there are plenty of different things that you should know about epoxy to see whether or not it is a good option to consider for your floors.


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